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Article Submission

The Transactions currently is published with full articles in paper. It is also published online through BioOne and JSTOR in .pdf format. Authors who wish to contribute articles for publication should consult a recent issue of the Transactions for guidance as to style and format. Digital submissions of manuscripts are required for publication; digital files are also generally preferred for peer review, however, three (3) double-spaced paper copies may be submitted to the editor for the initial peer-review purposes. Examples of reference style are given below. In general, figures for paper publication should be black-and-white photographs or line drawings sized to page dimensions and proportions. Color figures are also accepted for publication. Please contact the editor for additional requirements and costs. Authors may suggest reviewers for their manuscripts.

All inquiries regarding submission and peer-review of manuscripts should be
directed to Transactions co-editor, Pamela Everhart (

Final versions of accepted manuscripts should be sent digitally in .doc, .docx, or rich-text format (.rtf) only. The revised manuscript should be submitted in 12 point Times New Roman font, single spaced, with a minimum of italics (limited to species names, if possible), bolding, all caps or other changes. (Papers are printed in Times New Roman with the exception of the captions which are printed in Ariel). Please remove all embedded information (tracking changes, unusual fonts or notes, etc.). They can cause delays in the editing process because they have to be removed first prior to formatting. And finally, please use spell check. It is amazing how many spelling errors and typos make it through the review process.

Image files may be black-and-white or color pictures, and should be provided in .tiff, or .jpg format. Minimum digital image resolution should be 300 dpi. Column width is 2.65 in (6.7 cm); full page width is 5.5 in (14 cm); maximum height is 8 in (20 cm). Accepted manuscripts are normally published in the next available issue.

As of volume 109 (2006), the Academy has waived page charges for most articles. Color illustrations may be reproduced at the editor's discretion, subject to a four contiguous page limit per article. Free reprints are provided to authors in the form of PDF files; paper reprints must be purchased, and may be ordered from the current Allen Press vendor. Instructions for ordering and prices for paper reprints will be provided at time of publication. An author (or at least one co-author) of any manuscript submitted to the Transactions should be a member of the Academy. Non-members also may publish in the Transactions. A $50 fee will be charged, which will include one-year membership in the Academy.

All inquiries regarding copyediting and reprints should be directed to Transactions co-editor, Mike Everhart (

Reference style

Standard scientific style is employed for citing references in the body of articles (author name and date). For one, two or three authors list all names (e.g. Skelton 1998; Zeuner and Manning 1976; Lidmar-Bergström, Elvhage and Ringberg 1991). For citations with four (or more) authors, list only the first author's name (e.g. Bauer et al. 1997; Elliott et al. 1999). Footnotes are not used; however, end notes may be included following the list of references. Authors are requested to provide references in the style given below.

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  • Zeuner, F.E. and Manning, F.J. 1976. A monograph on fossil bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea). Bulletin British Museum (Natural History), Geology 27:149-268.

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